Molecules to Medicine

Victoria leads the country in fundamental biomedical research, but an identified need exists to better capture the potential commercial and health value of that research.

To this end, the Victorian government is sponsoring the Molecules to Medicines intern program to provide practical on-the-job training and mentoring for researchers in technology transfer, translation and the commercial development of biomedical discoveries.

The program is open to postdoctoral early career researchers employed at participating institutions.  All Victorian biomedical research organisations, whether commercial or not, can apply.  The first 12-month program was offered from October 2012.  Where possible, selected interns work with their Business Development Offices on projects related to their own area of research.

The program is built on the successful model developed at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.  It offers multiple benefits to researchers and institutions, and provides:

  • Practical experience with the parent institution in seven core areas related to the business of translating research – opportunity identification and analysis, intellectual property management, technology marketing communication, agreements, technology transfer administration, medicine development process and team membership, leadership and management.
  • An expert series of 15-20 seminars for all interns on the topics associated with research commercialisation.

Download the Molecules to Medicine Flier for information about the program and how to apply.
Download the M2M Marketing leaflet for more detailed information about the program.